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2017 The Walking Dead Costumes Review

Walking Dead CostumesOne show that’s thrilled countless fans and kept them on the edge of their seats is The Walking Dead. You never know what’s going to happen next or who’s going to get turned into a Walker.

Spoiler alert! Some of the shocking and defining moments of the show featured the deaths of some of the favorite characters like Hershel, Shane, and Glenn. The Walking Dead costumes are a great way to go as a group featuring favorite characters from the show or even some of the villains or the Walkers.

The zombie apocalypse is a battlefield and Rick Grimes is one of the heroes fighting to save the people that he cares about while trying to stay alive. You can find the costume for his character that’s made based on his law enforcement uniform that he wore when the show first started airing.

The outfit is both pants and a shirt that are separate. The shirt usually comes with pockets that are functional. The pants have loops for holding a belt. Most of these costumes come with the accessories that Rick carried when he first made an appearance.

That includes his law enforcement badge and his hat with the star on the front center of it. There are no shoes with the costume. Any of the accessories that he’s shown with later on the show like the machete or weapons are not included with the costumes.

Negan is one of the most hated villains on the show – especially after he killed Glenn right in front of the group. You can dress as Negan for Halloween. His accessory, the Lucille baseball bat with the barbed wire wrapped around it – is available so that you can add that to your costume.

Going back to heroes, one of the top favorites on the show is Daryl Dixon. Though he had a rough upbringing and a hateful older brother, Merle, Daryl turned out to have a heart of gold.

You can find Daryl’s famous crossbow that he uses to take on legions of Walkers and you can pair that with his costume to make his Halloween outfit look more authentic. His costume often consists of a large poncho that has a print design on the front.

You can find this poncho costume in different colors. Of course one of the most fun things that you can do as a group on Halloween is to gather several friends and each of you go dressed wearing one of The Walking Dead zombie costumes for a creepy good time.


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